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Terms and conditions of use, Products are sold

Welcome to our website. After you access website sothat browsing or buying, you accepted our terms and conditions of use, rules . Please view our rules seriously and co-operate us to build friendly website and service yourself well. The website provides you with information products, we are not manufacturer. So, threads about product are private. If you have a question, please contact us : daoquangde@hotmail.com

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Your Account. You will give us information about your email address, password and name to get one account here, when you use our services. You are responsible for the use and account information security when you browsing website. Therefore, other information such as account names, addresses .... that will help us to serve you best.In the case, you provided incorrect information, sothat we cannot delivery, we have the right to suspend or refuse to serve, delivery without your acceptance. Changing your informtion, please update your info. You must keep your password and account, you are responsible for do list on our website via your account. You shound log-out after using, you are assured that the information provided to us will only be used to improve the quality of services for our customers and will not be transferred to any other third parties for commercial purposes..

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Your information at our Web will be confidential and only in cases where the law requires, we will be obliged to provide this information to law enforcement agencies. Your responsibility when using our services you must not use any tools, any method to interference, enter into the system illegally or alter the database on the website. You must not take actions (cheering) intervention, hack database our Web server system. Also, please notify our webmaster as soon as you detect system errors by phone: 0909892107 or email: daoquangde@hotmail.com. Also, we do not allow the organization or individual to promote products on the website without our acceptance. The Terms of use may be changed at any time but we will be noticed on the website